Make Me (Jack Reacher #20) by Lee Child

book image

Jack Reacher’s back for the twentieth time and as always we can’t make him do anything. He basically does what he wants.

Reading a Jack Reacher novels is quite a different experience as compared to reading other such worlds in a similar genre. With him it’s all about the moment and being in the moment. I always find it exciting to pick up and start reading a Reacher novel purely based on the previous fact. This book is no such exception.

The story begins with Reacher getting down at a seemingly unknown location just to satisfy a personal curiosity most if not all of us would just allow us to fly by. That’s the thing with Reacher, that’s the reason many people I believe admire about him, he does stuff most of us would definitely never do maybe we would do it in our minds in our own worlds where are our own heroes, the main characters of our very own fictional world. and this is exactly what Reacher does as always the twentieth time in a row.

So without spoiling anything let’s see if I can get you excited enough to pick this baby up. here we go

Reacher gets down at a town with a curious name.

Reacher meets woman. 😉

Reacher talks with woman and decides to be get in the middle of her problem and help her solve it getting the woman in the process. 😉

Reacher meets bad guys and shows that no one messes with the 110th MP. But it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Reacher discovers “bone chilling secret” of a town with a curious name.

Reacher then does what he does best.

Good enough? Anything more would be a dead giveaway to a spoiler anyways.

One of my favorite lines in the book (or basically the back of the book) is

Reacher has no place to go and all the time in the world to get there.

I guess that basically summarizes Reacher’s attitude to life in a single sentence. This book has a thumbs up from me.



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