The Dark Half by Stephen King

The Dark half

How far would you go to protect your family from a man who doesn’t even exist except in the figment of your imagination?

That’s the question King is asking his readers in this book and if the above statement doesn’t convince you enough to read this book I don’t know what will. and don’t worry I haven’t spoiled the plot, it is much more complicated than it sounds.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I had many of the king’s book available to me which I had luckily purchased on heavy discount last month and I picked this book because the title and the eerie synopsis caught my attention and boy what a ride it was.

Fast paced and keeps on the edge of your seat kinda thriller and definitely not a dull moment. you will always be left wondering what the f**ks happening.

One of my favorite lines in this book is actually a joke invented on the spur of the moment towards the climax and it goes something like this :

How many sparrows does it take to change a light bulb?

And the answer really tickled my ribs…..

Three to hold the bulb and three billion to turn the house

I guess you wouldn’t laugh at this much if you haven’t read it but believe you me when you get the whole context of it you definitely will.

Anyway, I hope this little review has convinced you enough to put it on your “to read” list. Cheers!!!


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