Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

sharp objects

A dark and gripping novel. Now I know where the mind that put forth Gone Girl came from.

Sharp Objects is the debut novel of author Gillian Flynn and it is quote dark and engrossing as Gone Girl. The story starts of quite slow with a rather damaged character, Camille with the reader being made curious as to what lies in store for that woman when she is unexpectedly forced to visit the place of her nightmares as part of an assignment for her newspaper. With an engrossing back story about the relationship Camille has with her mother and her sister and basically anyone who is remotely related to her, I was rushing though the pages trying to figure out what happened next. What the story required now was some proper depth which was sorely missing. While I am a fan of this no nonsense dark story, sometimes you just need more.

The novel brilliantly portrays what can happen to children growing up with parents who are mentally unstable and how the disease can spread through them and infect the young minds to such an extent that they lose touch with reality. Kudos for Gillian Flynn.

I could talk a lot more about the book but the length of the script prevents me from talking further as it would only act as a spoiler.

My suggestion grab it from a library of you can instead of buying it. It will make a good weekend read.


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