To B.E. Or Not To B.E. by Dipen Ambalia


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the discovery of the Mother of Engineering to the “Every Engineer is a Dog” theory and from the love story behind the invention of the word “Hostel” to the criminal nexus behind college assignments, this book is a nostalgic roller coaster ride

The author has very smartly written this book in a way that makes it appealing to the engineers who are and for the students who will someday (hopefully!!!) become one. For readers like us, who have completed the journey across the vast and deadly ocean of engineering, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the kids we once were. How we innocently assumed, life would be set right after 4 years of torture and how our whole world was limited to completing assignments and getting updates on whose dating who. I’m a 2012 Graduate and I’m feeling old already.

As for those who are doing their engineering course right now (especially the First Years), this is your survival guide more than it’s a book you purchased coz you thought it was funny. This’ll be your survival guide. Just like in American Pie: The Book of Love, the students were passing on the book to some unfortunate virgin. Do some charitable work like passing on this book to a first year when you see one in college or when a new one takes you place in the hostel after you finish your 4 (or more) year old prison sentence.
Thanks a lot Dipen, for reminding me of what I am and how I became one, in a hilarious satire.
This book is available at Flipkart at a price of Rs.156 ($2.78).


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