You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz

you're next by gregg hurwitz

Calling this book a fast paced roller coaster ride would be the most basic definition of a classic understatement

I picked this book up by watching the video below. You can interpret this as a video review from an expert. And I was not disappointed.

The book follows story of Mike Wingate formerly Mike Doe who has set out on a path to protect his family by unknown people.
The entire novel is based on a what-if situation and it goes something like this:

What if you were part of a happy family with a beautiful wife and daughter?

What if you were completely honest with the work that you do?

What if you woke up one morning to realize that you were being chased by persons unknown?

What if you contacted the police about the matter and they started to investigate you rather than the assailants?

What if you found out that you were suddenly branded a terrorist for reasons you do not know, and the law enforcement is the last place you would go to, to plead your innocence and get to the depth of the matter?

This is the kind of situation the main protagonist finds himself in. Together with his childhood friend in foster care, he must uncover the secret that has plagued his family and try to understand the connection it has with his father who abandoned him when he was only four.

The story was so amazing it basically wanted me to go into the book and want to help the poor guy. I was tempted to just jump to the last few pages to get to the bottom of the matter but stopped myself from doing so by just sheer will. You can never see what’s coming. I started suspecting nearly everybody except Mike and why wouldn’t I, when the whole world seems to be against you, the whole world becomes your enemy. The book has a very good ending giving some sense of closure to the story.

One of the main plus points if the book is the brilliant character development of Mike Doe and Shepard White with their childhood trauma and how they lead their lives from there.Gregg Hurwitz, you are en route to become one of my favorite authors.

Any reader who claims to be a fan of thrillers must have this book on their shelves.


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