The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee

The Piano Teacher

A beautiful story with no ending

The above statement probably summarizes how I feel about the book. Set in China, the story deals with a multitude of characters with no one playing the central role (not even the piano teacher). What I loved about this book was the fact that every chapter shifted from one timeline to another giving the reader a detailed glimpse of the present and the past. Though this may tend to be quite distracting to some (if not many) it’s particularly effective in this book since the past basically deals with the multitude of crimes committed by the Japanese during the final days of World War 2 and the present day peaceful conditions.

Another brilliant aspect that the author has taken into account is describing quite vividly, the conditions of the people living during the 1942-43 period and how dramatically their lives were changed from all night parties to being treated like cattle in war camps. Also, one can never forget the unique character of Trudy Liang. So full of life, even when she was being exploited both physically and mentally.

As I mentioned before, the story has no ending (I know this calls for a spoiler alert, but after spending so much time on a book, you kinda expect that).

For the Indian reader,

The paperback version of the book is available for Rs.383 but you can grab it for an awesome discount of Rs.283 at Infibeam.


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