Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

Ghostman cover

A brilliant effort by debutant Roger Hobbs. A definite 4.5 stars

Great points about this book :
1. Great combination of fast and slow paced action, sometimes even a mixture of these two.
2. Switching between 2 stories each 5 years apart throughout the book and their ultimate intersection towards the end was what made me want this book to go on and on…..

3. Looking at the countdown clock reminded me a lot of Lee Child’s [book:61 Hours|6735719]. thought he only difference there was that we did not know what happened at the end of that duration which made the book mysterious in its own way, but Hobbs has somehow used a similar technique and molded it in his own way. Cheers!!!
4. A truly brilliant male protagonist who remains mysterious to the very end. The fact that he reflects on his mistakes of the past and how he acted and/or improved upon them definitely made me want to delve deep into the character’s past which the author actually showcased in the final section of the book in the form of the main character’s autobiography.
5. Sound explanations of the working of nearly everything from a gun to a car to a whole gang amde reading this book completely worthwhile

Here’s the trailer by the way,

The only thing about this book that I did not like was the character development(or should I say lack of) of Rebecca Lynn Blacker. She wasn’t given the spotlight much which made me want to care less about her. She could have added an extra dozen of pages or so.

If this book is a series and I sincerely hope it is, I will eagerly be waiting for the next installment.

Hobbs, best of luck for your next creation. You already have a guy waiting in line for it.

For the Indian reader,
I purcahed this book from Amazon but you can get get it on pre-order from HomeShop18 at a price of Rs. 449 ($8.32).


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