3 on a Bed by Rajdeep Paul & Sarmistha Maiti

3 on a Bed cover

The most thought provoking novel, by an Indian author(s), I have read in recent times

I received this book as a preview copy from Goodreads and will review this book based on my own perspective.

The novel is basically a combination of 3 novellas focusing equal attention on both the current and hidden state of affairs in India, then moving on to a very unique love story (or whatever one might want to call it depending on how you choose to look at it) and women’s fear of a festival. I must congratulate the artist who created the cover art. Simple yet elegant and definitely clear enough to draw the prospective reader to the book.

All 3 novellas are quite extra ordinary in their own way, each conceiving their own story beautifully and in a way that makes you sit and challenge all that you know.

The first story, India 24 was quite confusing when I read it at first. I was reading about this one character and the very next page jumps to another no matter but then the next page introduced 2 more character ???? and so on and so forth. It was, in fact, so confusing that I had to read the first 7-8 pages over and over again just to that I could remember which character was what.
But despite all these puzzles I had to face, it was quite enjoyable to read. very short stories about each character had a message to convey, be it heroism, self sacrifice, love, sex, politics, greed etc. Only wish it had been a bit longer.

The second story, 3 on a Bed, is definitely the creme dela creme, and no wonder its been selected as the cover title. The story follows a passionate albeit an unusual relationship between 2 men and 1 women which will completely change the meaning of the word, threesome and their own journey of self realization. I simply loved how their relationship and especially the overall sexual acts were portrayed. It was quite interesting to understand how differently, this particular relationship affected each of them, altered their feelings overall as a group, and how it ultimately affected both individually as a group. I am quite eager to watch the movie again, since it’s actually a rip of the 2003 Hollywood film, The Dreamers. The trailer of the former can be found below.

The third story, 1 day for Love is, I believe, by far the most confusing of all stories. The story revolves around why most (if not all) women in India fear the festival of Holi and after reading this novel, I don’t blame them. the author, Sarmistha Maiti has done a great job of combining a woman’s fear of Holi and family drama. it was quite enjoyable to see the transition that this family faced and ultimately how not only Holi but also, the people celebrating it have changed over the years.

Ultimately, I would like to congratulate the authors for bringing forth such a work of art. Hope you keep creating such literature. This book rightly deserves a 4 star rating.

For the Indian reader, you can grab this novel at a discounted price of Rs.150/- from Indiaplaza over the cover price of Rs.250/-.


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